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Birds Reunion Gig has them flocking to the Cause

The Bird Architects Live ! Finally playing together again after 17 years, the four original members showed the gathered throng at the Totnes Jazz Club what all the fuss was about.

Two marvellously anarchic sets from the reunited Birds was enough to overwhelm the jazz faithful and curious youth alike on May 8th at the Royal Seven Stars, otherwise known as the Totnes Jazz Society.

From the agitated skidding around of "Yo Bloop" through the miasmic maw of "Cross Porpoises" and "Myrtle's Dream" to the "Furlong's Dash" and finally to the reprise of their homage to the Thatcher legacy, "Feel The Wealth", the Birds swooped and careered through almost two hours of twisting, turning and inventive music. Infectious and raucous, the varied and surprising repertoire fully illustrated their own particular musical "way", characterised by the anacronym TAMP(see previous newsletter for more details).

The new CD "Nezting", due in the Autumn 2004 from Foxy Productions will feature some of this material recorded on the night, together with collected wonderment from earlier sessions.

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