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YOYO's Human Revelation CD gets the makeover

The eagerly anticipated remix and remastering of YoYo's 1996 release "Human Revelations" has now been completed.

Being the first of YoYo's albums to get the digital treatment in 1995, it seems fitting that this fine collection of Fusion Big Band and Jazzjungle compositions should finally get the overhaul it so deserved.

Now remixed and remastered completely digitally, the final version looses 2 of the original compositions, (one of which is found on Niji Seson), due to space and missing original files !

The new version runs to 78 minutes and takes advantage of new technology, being mixed on Logic Pro 6 with Space Designer.

New artwork has also been commissioned, based closely on the original format.

MP3s of the new mixes should be up on the site very soon.

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