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Conspiracy of Equals to release first CD on Leo Records

Recorded live in Totnes last year, The Conspiracy of Equals featuring members of the Bird Architects, Lymbic System and celebrated bassist Pete Brandt are releasing their first CD 'Overtaking Caravans I-X' through internationally known jazz improv label Leo Records later this year.

Overtaking Caravans is an hour of free wheeling collective improvising at the highest level, from Harry Fulcher (tenor Sax, clarinet), Aaron Standon (alto sax, guitar), Pete Brandt (acoustic bass) and Marco Anderson (traps and hand percussion). Recorded direct to 2-Track DAT live at the Arial Centre Totnes last year, it careers wildly between the funky, bluesy, and downright groovy to the madly swinging and chilled out mountain top vibe. Every one of the 10 breathless pieces were improvised in front of a totally absorbed audience. Hoop La ! Get it whilst it's hot.

Details on release dates and availability to follow. It will of course be available via this site in limited supply so place your advanced orders for one of 2006's hottest contemporary creative ensembles.

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