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Particle Hotel to release DVD

Following their accliamed debut at the Ashton Court Festival this year, Particle Hotel are to release a DVD of the event.

Thanks to Jem and the crew at the Blackout Tent at this years Ashton Court Festival, Bristol, who had the foresight to record all the great performances on their programme, Particle Hotel's 30 minutes of audio-visual turmoil will be available on DVD format before the end of the year.

One of the best received performances and the debut of this incarnation of YoYoZoom Quartet, the show is based around a digitally created collage of video images by Mike Moran.

Darkly menacing, starting with the images of a red cross and the word "Turmoil" mirroring some of the world events of our age, the set progresses through trip hop beats of "More Bong" and the spaced out triologues of "Cross Porpoises" to the Frantic drive of "C-Thing".

The visuals are multi-layered and fascinating collages of cityscapes and warped natural images, which compliment the vibe of the music perfectly.

The DVD should be available from Foxy Productions in time for Christmas

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