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Mark Anderson

Whether it be powering a band from behind a sprawling mass of drums, leading a big band through complex arrangements with baton or coaxing pure emotion from a guitar, you can be sure that the music that he creates or produces will leave an indellible mark on your sensibilities.

Writer, composer, producer and musician Mark Anderson (Marco to some of his friends and fans) has played with hundreds of musicians over a career spanning 30 years and more, including Andy Sheppard, Steve Vai, George Brooks, Vivian Stanshall, Will Gregory (GoldFrapp) Pete Farndon & Jimmy Scott (The Pretenders), Jack Perla, Najma Akthar, Dai Pritchard (Loose Tubes), Henry Lowther, John Paricelli, The Startled Insects, Jacki Whitren, The Purify Brothers, Danny Cummings (Wham, John Martyn), Paul Dunmall, Dennis Rollins, Italian saxophonist Antonello Monni and reedsman Tony Roberts to name but a few.

Various bands have benefitted from his musical vision and input over the years including The Extras, Scream & Dance, Bhangra superstars Premi and Alaap, The Happy End, Glaxo Babies, and most recently The Saurang Orchestra.

As a writer, he has been involved in commissions for the BBC, HTV and Channel 4 TV as well as in-house writer for J Walter Thompson (TV Advertising Co) and Musical Director for the Taplow Court Jazz Festival, Arts Opportunity Theatre, Sound Advice Music Workshop and The People's Opera.

This CD represents a compilation of the last ten year's work, illustrating the diversity of styles, musical vision and the multi-instrumental dexterity of Foxy's own MD. Check it out !

For more information please go to this sites section on Mark Anderson

*Niji Seson

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