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Present Tense with Paul Dunmall

Present Tense is a power fusion trio in the tradition of Tony Williams Lifetime, the original jazz rock band of the late 60's. Taking the lead from Miles Davis' exploration of jazz harmonic themes and improvisation fueled by rock and funk rhythms, fusion had become a word to define the healthy cross fertilisation of various and disparate musical cultures with jazz sensibilities and technique. In the late 70's it's reputation became tarnished as the all encompassing "disco phenomena" hi-jacked this higher sensibility in exchange for ego stroking and base commercialism.

Today fusion has diversified again into such all encompassing terms as "World Music", usually indicating the mainly ignorant stealth of some 3rd-world musical culture by western musicians. Happily, Present Tense restore fusion to it's original meaning adding vitality and the technology of today to storm the senses and push the musical envelope further out. The latest releases are the result of live studio collaborations with world reknown improviser and reedman Paul Dunmall.


Philip Gibbs: Fretless and fretted electric and acoustic guitars

Ben Williams: Keyboards, synthesisers, samplers and sequencers

Marco Anderson: Drums, percussion, synthesisers, loops and sonic landscapes

Paul Dunmall: Tenor and Soprano Saxes, Bagpipes

Infinity Calling - Foxy204

Further out than Vol 1, Infinity Calling takes the listener on an astral journey to the outer reaches of the fusion universe. Like the cry from beyond the sky, at once distant and familiar, alien and remembered. Digital meets cerebral at the edge of the unknown. Full Reviews of this Album:

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New Orbits Vol1 - VIT1

Live in the studio "as it happened" with nothing added or subtracted, this is the raw power of PT and master improviser Paul Dunmall on soprano and tenor saxes and bagpipes. Described as 'a modern take on Ornette Coleman's ground breaking work with his trio in the 60's' (see review section) but with recognisable rhythmic pulses, this is true realtime fusion.

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