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Wild Strings Quartet

The Wild Strings was concieved as a double quartet of three guitars and acoustic bass, violin, viola and two cellos. Playing in a more pastoral vein the music touches on European Classical, Flamenco and North African cultures. Recorded in Bath in 2001 and mixed at Andersonshelta in Bristol 2002, this is a mainly live studio recording with added overdubs. Of the 7 tracks, 4 are reinterpretations of the earlier works of british born, John McLaughlin one of the world's greatest living guitarists, arranged for the group by Marco Anderson.

  Alejandro Fernandez - Classical Guitar
  Philip Gibbs - Guitar, Prepared Guitar
  Marco Anderson - Guitar, Production, Keyboard, Cajon
  Peter Evans - Violin and String Samples
  Additional Musicians:
    Ron Savage: Acoustic Bass
    Vocals: Basira Ward-Davies

   WildStrings Quartet  

There is a full review of this CD on Julian Derry's Comprehensive site, The John Mclaughlin Archives, and also on the website
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